Whole Human Mama Assorted Print Gifts

The Whole Human Mama Journal, Planner, and Momfirmation Cards are all gifts I created for myself, first. 

Our journeys through motherhood, while unique, are an everyday learning experience, a constant process of adapting, growing, and showing up.

When I was looking for ways to center myself and manage my mom-mentality, I looked into affirmations. But all of the cards I came across seemed aspirational and vague: “Peace flows to me.”
I couldn’t find any affirmation cards that I connected with, so I began writing my own affirmations on Facebook. I needed messaging that spoke to my own life:
Things like “My health is just as important as the health of my children.” Daily reminders that I absolutely have to take care of myself and that I’m worthy of that care
The journal is based on my own daily journaling practice. I tried to do a gratitude journal, but struggled with it. Mostly because I felt like it was leaving out a huge a chunk of my daily experience.
So, every night I wrote something that inspired me, something that I am forgiving myself for, something that I’m letting go of, and something that I’m going to do/focus on tomorrow.
That made room for gratitude and also for healing. 
The planner came last, and was inspired by my clients. So many moms shared with me they didn’t have time for this, that, or the other thing. Yet, they all had planners.

I realized they were all struggling with the same thing: putting themselves on their planner FIRST (or even at all). 

So I created a planner that is centered around self-care for moms. The to-do list cuts off at the end and asks you who you can delegate things to. The weekly priorities are broken down into you, your house, and your family, even the habit tracker also comes with a place to write yourself a short note to cheer yourself on. 

Each item is intended to help moms reconnect with their own humanity, no matter how hectic their lives get. 
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